Thunder thunder thunder thunderclaps!

Sorry if you were expecting a post about an old children’s TV show, but today is actually the 20th anniversary of the biggest relaunch in the history of BBC News.

On this day in 1999, BBC News underwent its biggest ever overhaul. Out went the virtual reality studio and the massive computer generated coat of arms, and in came a desk made out of old beer barrels, and a much cosier colour scheme.

I was rather excited about this new look as a 14 year old student. I remember seeing a preview of the new look in the Radio Times and thinking that it looked amazing.

Every national news bulletin would now look identical, bar the title sequences:

The set looked really warm and cosy…

The big thing about this relaunch of BBC News, was that every single news programme adopted this new look. The new look was seen in the regions…

The nations (Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales) had their own variations:

BBC News 24 took on the new look.

The best thing about BBC News 24’s take on the generic look was the new TOTH Countdown sequence:

BBC World also took on the new look:

BBC Breakfast News was given a big revamp in 2000 to introduce the new generic look.

Even S4C’s news programme Newyddion adopted the look.

Here are a couple of tweets from you, the Presblog community, on this era of news presentation:

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