Welcome to Presblog

So, here it is, Presblog. My new blog dedicated to television presentation.

I decided a couple of weeks ago to bring Ident Central to a close after 12 years online. I must admit that I was overwhelmed by all the kind words following the closure of the site. I was even more humbled to read these words from Terence, the webmaster over at TV Whirl, which sums everything up perfectly:

What is Presblog?

Well, Presblog is a much more personal look at the world of television presentation. I’ll be sharing lots of content, but the most important thing about this new blog is that I want to make people smile. There will be a lot more humour involved in this site than before, and I hope you’ll enjoy what I’ll be offering.

The blog will be divided into several sections, which include:

  • Idents: Dedicated to new and refreshed TV presentation
  • News Programmes: Dedicated to title sequences, sets and theme tunes
  • On This Day: A look back through television presentation history.
  • People: Profiles of television people
  • Flashback: A dip into the archive to look at past television presentation
  • Point of View: Your articles dedicated to television presentation.
  • The Sounds: Audio clips of television presentation
  • Extracting The Michael: Parody television clips

You’re more than welcome to comment on anything you see on the blog by using our comments boxes, I do ask you follow the guidelines before posting, so you don’t get into any bother. 🙂

You can also send in articles to the site that may be of interest to visitors. You can do so by clicking here.

That’s all really. Thanks for visiting.

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